Gucci Mane Featuring Travis Scott – Last Time Lyrics

(Intro – Gucci Mane & Travis Scott)
Haah, Wop, Trav, hah
Just took half of it, woah
Just took half of
Wizzop, haah

(Verse 1 – Gucci Mane)
I love when my bi**h get drunk cause she talk greasy to me
Ni**a with an attitude, this s**t get easy to me
The last time I drunk some lean I was out of my mind
Trapping gave me 20 years and that’s a whole lotta time
A married woman divorce her husband to spend the weekend with me
He think it nasty when she squirt but that s**t sexy to me
The last time I took some molly, took a gram and a half
Ni**as think they know bout Gucci but they don’t know the half
See I’m an ex-X popper and online shopper
Ni**as thought I was a clone, they heard me speak proper
Convicted felon worth 10 million, I’m a well known robber
Like Shawty Lo I got 10 children yeah and Lo my partner

(Chorus – Travis Scott)
Last time I took drugs I just took half of it, hah
Cause I took pills I had to smash a bi**h, geek
And last time I smoked gas I almost crashed a whip, skrt
Last time I took drugs I just took half of it, half
Last time I took drugs I just took half of it, hah wow
Last time I took drugs I just took half of it

(Verse 2 – Travis Scott)
Last time we took drugs you just took half of it, it’s lit
Stretching out my jeans just to make cash fit in, yeah
Wake up every morning to some ass and grits
Raw dog all my birds, I’m tryna have some chicks
Fi-fie-fie-fo, yeah
Zone 6 to the Mo
La Flame linked with La Flare, yeah that’s heat and snow
Going in all year
300 plus days long, straight up
Making money all year, talking 52 weeks strong
Better back up, give me space, yeah
I wear ice cream on the face
Going Pharrell Williams on the case, oh my God
Ohhhh, then we skate, skate, skate away
720 with the grind
Landed, landed all fine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Gucci Mane)
The last time I went to Onyx man I ordered a dub
Tried to leave with every big booty bi**h in the club
I bought a Rolex and a Lambi when I went to Miami, vroom
The last time I seen little mama she wasn’t wearing no panties
Last time I went to Vegas, spent 200k gambling
I’m just an east Atlanta ni**a serving junkies in
The last time I tricked out I brought 4 hoes to my place
They call me Gucci Mane Picasso cause I painted they face

Burrr, Trav, blaow, it’s Gucci
Straight up
Hah, burrr, wow, bling, burrr
Yeah, oh my God!