Ca$h Out Featuring Dae Dae – Pocket Watching Lyrics

I see em pocket watching
Another day for the kid don’t it
You’re never gonna catch him

(Chorus – Ca$h Out)
I just talk to my ni**a the other day
Told him we gon be on
Told him we gon be on, we gon be straight
Say that money exposin ni**as
Show the real and show the fake
Gotta keep it on you ni**a, you tryna see another day
I know you watch me, I know you plotting
Know you worried about my pockets
Hoes say you pillow talking, say you hating cause my pockets
But don’t get it misconstrued, yeah I rap, I’m still popping
You lil ni**as made the news, better stop the pocket watching

(Verse 1 – Ca$h Out)
When I was trapping hard you lil ni**as was scared to tote
Run my money up, pulled up in the jungle with bananas
Twenty killers, twenty sticks, bet that ni**a gong s**t
And we hitting all our targets we aren’t coming to miss
Take you back to old 6, me and boy in the cut
He got the shotty, I got the Glock we ready to tear some sh*t up
Let’s take it back to city life, I put the gun in the park
Police found it…said I got the charge
Just I’m cool young ni**a but don’t play with it
You gon try some slick s**t and think you gon get away with it
You got a hammer that is not, you in the wrong business
I’m on that gangster sh*t, he said f**k a witness
Pull up on you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Ca$h Out)
Pull up and I’m flexing so hard that you know I’m getting money
Ni**a asked me what I want…the money
God watching over me, I’m staying down I know it’s coming
This chopper for protection, no man down, you know I’m drumming
Lord knows, Lord knows, I had to stay in the cold
That’s why I’m rocking this coat and everything is so froze
I got a, no zero when I’m f**king your ho
I got to stick to the G code when I’m in that beast mode
I say it’s switching up the flow, yeah you gotta decode
Wipe my ass with the 20’s, 100 for my nose
Said it’s just paper ni**a go get some more
You waste your life being a hater, ni**a get you some goals

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Dae Dae)
That was 6 years ago, I ain’t know about no
I just pulled up at your spot, I just turned up at the show
I need 10 for a show, I’m not taking nothing less
That’s my goal taking care of my kids
You need to go cause you the
Heart feel so cold, it’s so cold now
I just poured out my…out in traffic
Look please don’t call my phone you ain’t bad bi**h
Yeah feel so good I just talked to my brother

(Repeat Chorus)