Young Thug Featuring Wyclef Jean – Elton John Lyrics

(Intro – Wyclef Jean & Young Thug)
Wet, wet
Jeffrey, long side Wyclef
And the girls love the Shotta boys with big toys, yeah
Swear to God I ain’t lying
Ni**a you can’t do that

(Pre Chorus – Young Thug)
Bet it all, bet it all
She pulled up in a Benz truck
She nail it up, she nail it up
She peacock wit the colors
Middle finger, stick it up
If you ain’t never gave no f**ks
Get behind her, put it in her butt
Then beat it up

(Chorus – Young Thug & Wyclef Jean)
Wamp, wamp, she, wet, wet
Mr. Jeffery
Wamp, wamp, oh, bet that
Wamp-wamp, she wet-wet
Wamp, wamp, aye
Jeffery, ohh
Wamp, wamp, oh, wet-wet
Mr. Jeffery
Wamp, wamp, ni**a bet that
Wamp, wamp, oh, I’ma get you wet, wet
Wamp, wamp, lil mama, she wet, wet
Jeffery, ohh
Wamp, wamp, lil mama, she wet, wet
Wamp, wamp, lil mama, she should bet that
Wamp, wamp, lil mama, she wet-wet
Lil mama should bet that
Wet, wet, ay, bet that
Wamp, wamp, oh, wet, wet
Bet that, lil mama, wet, wet

(Verse 1 – Young Thug)
Bet that cause I’m 75% that lil mama got some wet, wet
Psh, it’s wet-wet now she squirt it on the bed
She squirt on me, we got a f**king mess
Uh, I’m a vet but I’m ready to settle down
I don’t wanna know what’s next
It don’t matter what I do tonight
Cause I’ma know you the best, best, best, yes
I’m stand up like the cash talk to you baby
You can rest I’ll let the bands walk to you baby
Yeah fashion bop to you, ay
100 Zans, cracked up, talk to ya baby
I ain’t never playing, you the main baby
When I die, I’ma leave something for you baby
Got an anniversary planned baby

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wyclef Jean)
Jeffery be easy
After sex she gon wanna get married
Seen many men on Maury
Claiming the kid not my baby
But taste the cake
I gotta have a shower to the big red sofa chair
Play truth or dare
Jumping in the pool with no swim wear gear
Kept me weird looking like a peacock
Everytime we press….we won’t stop
Feeling like the b block time shift
Number one hits, she in love with the voodoo sex
Flipping on the mat yo
Like olympians in Rio, oh
Blast off like the rocket man
Piano scream so loud, dolphins hear the signal

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Young Thug)
Bet it up, yeah yeah, bet it up, yeah
When I f**k it I’ma f**king f**k it up yeah
I ain’t pillow talking, ain’t tryna get stuck with
A fat bi**h, f**k around and be your lunch
Good problem, you can’t never and you stuck with it
Girl I see you tryna inchy inchy up with me
Long as you operate your own motherf**king business
I’ma make sure that you never go without, get it
Trap phone and its still on
Big eyes, you can’t do wrong
Good feet looking unique
Pockets fat like Monique
Got a trophy with the Rollie
Now she acting like she owe me, owe me
Yeah, you don’t ever ever owe me
Good luck like a four leaf, four leaf

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)