Travis Scott – Black Mass Lyrics

Always used to pull up pop trunk at Chancellors
Yeah, growing hard
Falling hard, like a cancer
Yeah, always in the city
Always keep a dancer
Yeah, she playing in my hair
She gotta keep me handsome
Yeah, she just in the shower
S-she not with the cameras
Never asking questions
Never giving answers
That’s the code, that’s the code, to the masses
Black bastards, black masses
Yeah, on my 2Pac mom s**t, black panther
You flexing one-on-one, one-on-one, Kyla Pratting
Me? On my rock-n-roll s**t, Mick Jagger
I’m in these Hidden Hills with M&M’s, Kardashian
Yeah, I might need a doctor Aftermath is tragic
I’ve been taking all my doses
Keeping up and active
Rager ain’t no major
That’s a black bastard
That’s a black basket
Mask it, walk on Nazereth to black caskets
Yeah I got the code, code to the masses
Black masses

I’m way up, way up, way up
Till Nobody can hold wi back