Demarco – King Kong (Mavado Diss) Lyrics

A wa the f**k do you Barber?
Dem don’t even rate him over Cassava
Man have a eye pon you corner
Drive by pon you corner

Pu**y, anything a anything
Barber, anything a anything
Mack 90 rifle, log head, the wedding ring
Dem bwoy deh a fish, dem a redoring

Pu**y anything a anything
Weh do rapper groupie
A wa do him?
The bwoy sell out Killer meck wi level him
China made dem bwoy deh nuh genuine

(Verse 1)
Kill him fast dash him in a drainage
In a the gully you a get yo grave dig
The f**king barber him is a gay kid
A yo batty man brother rag a that you bathe wid
Pu**y, a wa do barber? A wa do David?
Head a spin in a the gravel like a man a play gig
Unuh cyaa bwal peace when mi hand a wave zig

Pick up mi phone then mi call fross
Tell dem seh you DJ a talk trash
The big chop in a him big bomboclaat ugly face
A nuh war own that, a car crash
King Kong step pass dem pick up the caucus
When wi a dash whe bwoy body, far dash
You and yo batty man brother Stevie
Have batty blood in a yo jeans

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pu**y you a go dead before the end of August
Bout big league, you lighter than saw dust
Do song wid every rapper and the pu**y cyaa buss
Flat out you face wid the tarrus weh cyaa rust
Grave yard, funeral bell
Chop off dem head and fling it in a one well
Pu**y you wi try see teacher in a waan cell
Man a eye shatter, every rass singer can tell
Bleach pon dem like mi rub up in a waan gel
Catch dem a gaze and a
Decompose body dig up and smell

(Repeat Chorus)