Earl Sweatshirt – Balance Lyrics

I’ve been tryna tell a different story
Find balance and I’m tipping off
And tell grandma I be with her shortly
I won’t panic when they send her for me
Cause I ain’t got time for feeling sorry
I gotta be on point when duty call
And I’m prolly the worst ni**a to get involved with
These shoulders is not for you to sniffle on

Watch the wall collide with my fist
Mostly over problems that I know I should fix
Focused so I know my skin tone is a cliff
We on the edge and they hoping we slip
I had to ask moms what I owed in this s**t, she said nothing
She asked about them old times both of us miss, I said nothing
She asked me if I’m smoking again
I told her that I prolly gotta go in a bit

(Repeat Chorus)