Curren$y Featuring Wiz Khalifa – You In Mind Lyrics

Curbs on the beat

(Chorus Curren$y)
I bought this with you in mind
Cause I know you like to see me with it
I bought this with you in mind
la ladada ladada
I bought this with you in mind
Cause I know you hate to see me get s**t
I bought this with you in mind

(Verse 1 – Curren$)
I might park my car in front this bi**h
Just to floss with my new s**t
Haters gon slit your wrist
Live ni**as really rich
Uh, Me and my ni**a buying houses
When we used to go in half on ounces
Now we balling you don’t hear those spaldings bouncing?
Globetrotting go young thuggish ni**as got it
I been watching from my island they don’t think I see em
They copying our style then they tryna be us
While we rolling up that reefer chilling in arena
OG only and my vegetable steamers
You could soak your style in bleach, still won’t come out cleaner
They was sleeping on us, we was lamborghinin dreaming
We turned it into real s**t
Couple high ass ni**gas stacking millions

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifa)
Playing Pokemon Go me and your ho
Im catching something rare while she get something rolled
You know the code, always go for the gold
We came in and broke the mold
Could make a million with my eyes closed
I ride slow cause you never know
Police is out here bro, I check my traps then I change clothes
Catch me anywhere my plane goes
And always rep for the jets and taylor gang we who the game chose
Im’a make sure that I got one rolled, but you gotta make sure that you got one for me
Baby girl it’s all good you ain’t gotta smoke
Just know you with a real ni**a riding’ with a G
And you can say you ain’t high but you bout to be
Start off my day getting’ dollars stay repping my gang I know that they proud of me
Hop in my ride and we’ll run and get high
So much bank you’d think I’m the lottery
They said they don’t…me
I’m taking your bi**h that’s a definite, no ain’t a probably
Young Khalifa man

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Wiz Khalifa)
It is was it is man never been what it ain’t
More like the principle of the s**t now not a teacher
I make the rules hoe
Gang sh*t, Plane s**t
Ain’t nothing like that lame sh*t