Peter Tosh Grammy & Guitar Up For Grabs As Family Fighting Over Estate

Peter Tosh famous Martin acoustic guitar and his Grammy awards are now up for grabs at a pawn shop.

TMZ reported that one member of the late reggae legend’s family pawn the singer’s 1987 Grammy for Best Reggae Album and one of his Martin acoustic guitars at the Dylan McDermitt of LBC Pawn in Somerville, MA.

McDermitt says that he got the Grammy for $4,000 and the guitar for $2,000. Here is the interesting part, he is now selling back the Grammy for $15,000 and the guitar for $20,000 which are of course negotiable.

Peter Tosh, who was a member of The Wailers, did not have a will when he was shot and killed in 1987. As a result his family members are still fighting over his estate.

The late reggae singer is probably turning in his grave right now.