2 Chainz – Ghetto Lyrics

Excuse me, excuse me

I’m ghetto, excuse me
I’m ghetto, excuse me
I’m ghetto, excuse me
I’m ghetto, excuse me
I’m ghetto, excuse me
I’m ghetto, excuse me
My life is a movie

(Verse 1)
Yeah, I came from the mud
Came from the bottom
Spot em, I got em
I bought a bandana for 600 dollars
Mr. Miyagi
I like that pu**y real soggy
I bought her noodles and sake
Favorite meal used to be chocolate
I used to stay with my cousins
Heat the house up with the oven
Airport tried to make us move without paying us
We told em we ain’t budging
We stole our cable from next door
It was still a finesse though
I’m still here, where the rest go?
This right here manifesto
I got some gold on my front tooth
And my hair grow like it’s kudzu
Told her take a hike like hut two
I was raised by the Huxtables
I was raised in apartments
Right up under that yellow light
Right on top of that bando
Stand on the couch when I feel like, yeah!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I’m ghetto, excuse me
Please accept my apologies
This a biography
See through you ni**as like radio ology
Yeah, I’m ghetto, excuse me
I dip my bread in the Kool Aid
My partner wrecked the new car
He only had that bi**h two days
When you was rocking the new Js
I was serving some new Js
Went to the prom in a J car
He had just bought a new Mustang
Now I walked around with a digi scale
Paraphernalia in fingernails
Yeah you did dirt, but you finna tell
I used to get 20 of em in the mail, yeah!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I put hot sauce on my tater chips
The fact I said tater chips
Back on that crazy s**t
Me and Ruth Chris, we got a relationship
Yeah I’m ghetto as f**k
I told em I got that strong
Tell em meet me up the street
For Christmas I want me a stove
For Christmas I want me a scale
For Christmas I want me some sandwich bags
If I go to the hospital
Better put rims on the ambulance
Better put lean in my IV
Nurse better have double Ds
Rest in peace to Double D
I’m from the ghetto, we a hundred deep

(Repeat Chorus)

You know, as kids we don’t choose where we grow up at
You know, it’s a living arrangement, it’s a living situation
You know, but I’m thankful for everything that
I’ve been through, for every seed that’s been planted. You know, everything that grew on me.
You dig what I’m saying?
I come from that
I’m going this way, though
You dig what I’m saying?
Yeah, straight up, a ghetto child, though, man
Super duper blessed, man, super duper blessed
Really anointed, anointed by the Lord so you know, I’m supposed to be here, you know what I’m saying?
But excuse me, please, excuse me. I’m tryna go that way… that way