Kevin Gates – Know Better Lyrics

You shoulda known when it comes to the dough I’ma get it
You should know better
Do it all for my dogs, everyday going hard, I’m a winner
You should know better
Used to dream about a mil
Now we getting it for real
Shoulda left you right there where I met you
You shoulda known when it comes to the dough I’ma get it
I’m a bread winner

(Verse 1)
Getting it in, gotta win, we not kicking it
Bread winner team, we sick and we live with it
Whipping machines equipped with a fridge in it
We the connect, we not bout to mention it
We with the s**t, no talking, we finish it
Some say I’m ignorant
Mecca, we touching September, I’m making my pilgrimage, Allahu Akbar
Maybe I’m different
Looked at you like you were special, you not even build for this
UFOs in the crush Gates
So when it’s up ni**as going nuts
Big s**t tucked, toolie on clutch
Pockets on lump, free my ni**a Lump
Going out dumb
Engine on run
Thugging in the slums
Thumbing through the hun’s
Separate the ones
Somebody called a riot?
My daughter get the violets
Break bread, sliding, lay up in the Hyde
Room too expensive
Motel 6 and bi**h quit tripping
Ni**as in feelin’s
Wait don’t wait, forklift lifting
Brasi gon fix the trap up, vision

(Repeat Chorus)

Hey man what you talking bout? Man just do you Gates
There it is

(Verse 2)
Dabbed in, front pockets stuffed
Money look like we been doing lunges
Raised up in the blunt, I’m doing crunches
Tattooed all over my stomach
Out in London talking to Big London
Stand up in they chest, okay I love you
Ni**as hating, wait I’m doin’ numbers
In they feelin’s, tell em I say f**k em
Hold up, wait, tell em that I love em
We could go, we had a discussion
Fame tend to blind the people on the side of you like you never mean nothing
Focus on brand new things
Tryna show my children how to hustle
Teach em how to trust one another
All we got is us and your mother
Fall down, get back up again
Lose it all right before you win
Kevin man, you messing gup your gift
S**t like this be hard to come again
Fall bad, I know I admit it
Real struggle, I don’t ever quit it
Thinking back when I ain’t have a cent
Back when I ain’t have a sh*t to give