Agent Sasco – Other Side Lyrics

The economy stressing and the dollar slide
Still wi naw go pon the other side
That mean wi naw go member couple miles wi pride
A seh wi naw go pon the other side

Wi waan big house fi live in a
Dem a seh the grass is greener
Still wi naw go pon the other side
That mean wi naw go pree no robbery or no homicide
Tell dem nuh, seh wi naw go pon the other side

(Verse 1)
Last night mi have a nightmare seh two grand fi a bread
Wake up and mi realize seh a soon grand fi a bread
Unemployed on the rise too many a beg
And mi know seh too much gun a rise caw too many a dead
9-5 a our time mi nuh come in till 12
One hour sleep and then go link big twelve
Caw pickney a cry, feeding fi buy
And mi don’t expect mi juvenile fi fend fi himself
Suh one pack a diaper off a the top shelf
Caw mi alone a seh daddy cause the mommy stop help
Trust mi it nuh easy but mi naw go meck it beat mi
Suh mi fight it like mi have a rock belt

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Because the other side a the badder side
Yeah that a the anything fi climb up the money ladder side
A the sell out yo sister and kill you brother side
Rob you cousin by you uncle
By you great grandmother side
That’s why nuh matter what wi over the other side
And mi look out fi the people dem weh deh, deh, by ma side
Dem over the other side, think that a the stronger side
But dem a go tumble down like when hand a slide

(Repeat Chorus)


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