Tommy Lee Sparta – Sinners Gospel Lyrics

When mi rise up the rifle
Gunshot fall out like Jesus Disciple
Read dem yah scripture from out a the bible
What goes around, come around
It’s a cycle

Si mi when you si mi yoo
Me you seh you a go shoot
Me you seh you a go kill
Cyaa wait fi see you again

Call the police dem
Anytime you see it a me pon you endz
Watch how mi solve all the problems
Kill you and the all a yo friends dem

(Verse 1)
Consider this the ghetto gospel
Coming straight out a hell
Sick in mi head dem know mi nuh well
Bwoy call mi sin and him body start smell
And the police dem find him without him head
Dem seh mi crazy and seh mi insane
The years dem insane, mi wear not misrange
Higher people and turn dem in a range
Suh you know mi not playing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Meck you drown in your blood
You body start bleed out and jump like a frog
Dead in a the road right a you gyal yard
Should a never violate Sparta don
Everybody well bad till mi show up
F**ker dem run when mi roll up
My gun dem well always load up
And when time it buss everything drop

Pu**y dem run till dem run out a luck
Dawg, straight up mi nuh give a f**k
Just like a pocket the bwoy bone a bruk
Somebody head a go spin like a truck

hallelujah, angels sing to you
You on a journey
To meet Jamaica

(Repeat Chorus 2X)