The LOX featuring J-Doe – What Happens Lyrics

(Intro – Sheek Louch)
It’s a no win situation, man
I’ve seen them sit back and watch us fight
Kill each other and then come in later
You know what I mean?
There’s no justice in this

(Chorus – J-Doe)
What happens when we had enough?
What happens when we do to them what they do to us?
What happens when we say f**k that s**t?
What happens when we see police cars and we rush that s**t?
What happens when we say f**k the system, don’t trust that s**t?
Philando, Trayvon
Another mother lost another son
I made another sign for another one
I can’t take no more, no
Oh no, no, no
Oh no, no, no
Oh no, no, no
What happens when we can’t take no more
Oh no, no, no
Oh no, no, no
Oh no, no, no
What happens then?

(Verse 1 – Sheek Louch)
What happens when we say f**k that s**t?
Let’s get lit
Hide a revolver underneath my coat
We all just protest and we don’t vote
Two man strong on the white house lawn
Trayvon shirt instead of Louis Vuitton
Candles up for all my ni**as that’s gone
But they ain’t dead, man, their soul lives on
Pop bottles, love the money they give
The way it’s going, is our kids gon live?
I’m scared, I ain’t even gonna lie
Kill one of mine I ain’t even gon cry
I’ma wait for your kid and eye for an eye
But I’m wrong, though, it ain’t right
We ain’t winning that courtroom fight
This is it
Imagine we all say f**k that s**t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Styles P)
What happens when we can’t take no more?
Look at the kids, they ain’t safe no more
Go to the church, it ain’t faith no more
F**k the state and who made these laws
F**k the cops, let’s break these cuffs
Go to the jail and release ourselves
Come back home and police ourselves
Pray to god we ain’t beneath ourselves
Our soul cry when these kids die
They ain’t letting our kids fly
Tell a man that it’s eye for eye
And we really planning to let the pigs fry
I pray for peace
I hope for peace
But I’m scared to death
When my sons are rich
Should I smoke the beast?

(Verse 3 – Jadakiss)
They attacking us
They ain’t backing us
You call it ignorance, it’s just the black in us
The profit they’re making is miraculous
They way they cover it up, it’s spectacular
Another bulls**t speech from an activist
What you see on the news is inaccurate
They way it used to be, it’s going back to that
They ain’t used to me, they can’t adapt to that
Where they pull you over where they grab you at
And they never around where they yap you at
That’s a Snapple fact, no that’s an actual fact
They was hanging ni**as when I was eating apple jacks
Yeah, that’s a slaughter if you ask me
Shot homie with his daughter in the back seat
Bullet could’ve struck that kid
What happens when we say f**k that s**t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Jadakiss)
We just want to send prayers and condolences out to the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, One Love