Rae Sremmurd Featuring Migos – Look Alive (Remix) Lyrics

(Intro – Swae Lee)
Hey I’m so far out of sight
Sounds about right
Mike Will Made It
Hey, hey, hey

(Chorus – Swae Lee)
I’m so far out of sight, yeah
Yeah that sounds about right sounds about right, hey
Kill, kill this cup, not my vibe, lean
Be the highlight of my night huh? Yeah
Look alive, look alive, woah!
We can start with something light, look alive
I can get you so right, yeah
I just need an invite, hey

(Verse 1 – Offset)
I’m bout to get it right
Sipping on kryptonite, f**king yo bi**h tonight f**king yo bi**h
Let’s take a trip tonight, us on a private flight
See what that d**k be like, she loving the d**k
I’m on a bar tonight, Xanax
Boot up and restart the night, boot up, boot up
I might f**k a star tonight, smash
When she see what my car look like, skrt skrt
Ni**as be biting like ternamite, grrr
Tripping, I’m slipping it’s termite, slipping
Your bi**h bit the dab like the klondike, dab
We don’t do talking we get in a gun fight, grww
Goodnight, ay on two Percocet with two bi**hes, Percs
These bi**hes not polite, ugh
I’m too high, high see everything like in the back of my head I see
I got one eye, ay, wooh wooh

(Verse 2 – Quavo)
This is one hell of a night
This is one hell of a night, night
Double cup, pour me my ice
You know that s**t sound right, right
She the one geeking all night
She the one geeking all night, ay
She don’t need no advice, na
That’s a pro, she can ride like a bike, no
I’m so far out of sight, go, ay
You need a telescope to find, telescope to find, where?
I f**k hoes and all look dimes, hoes
Don’t waste my time, na
Kendrick Lamar, Kendrick don’t kill my vibe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Slim Jxmmi)
Uncle Jxmmi, ay
Money flowing like the Nile
We ain’t loosing count, last time I check
I ain’t owe a ni**a s**t
I been chasin money since the jit
Shawty popping pills and getting lit, lit
F**k it, I’m a take some shots off of tens
All these local thots on my list, hoes
You ain’t throwing bands then they throwing fits
I can feel the drank taking over me
I wanna know who I’m leaving wit
I’m looking for a country thick chocolate bi**h that can take a d**k
I’m so faded girl that’s why I’m talking slick, wooh
If you feeling how I’m feeling, we can dip, dip
I wanna see you strip
I wanna leave the lights on while I’m beating it, beating it
Uncle Jxmmi that ni**a she been creeping wit

(Verse 4 – Takeoff)
I smoke an onion then try not to cry, onion
These bi**hes f**king, recording it live, ay
She thick in the booty, I slip and I slide
Dolce and Fendis, they cover my eyes
Breitling look bright, my diamonds, they hit like Mike Tyson
No wings on me, but I can fly
Dab before dabbin, I cap before capping, cap
Migos the reason you ni**as alive, na for real
I’m stacking the Benjamins a prize
If it ain’t about money, my ni**a I don’t come outside, na
These ni**as working at…burgers and fries, fries
Twenty four seven, I’m grinding and working for mine, mine
So many boogers in my Breitling, can’t tell the time
Don’t know the lingo, we call them boogers and you call them diamonds
F**ked em up on the dab, it’s called perfect timing, dab
Migos the alliance, I been with the work doing science

(Repeat Chorus)