Tory Lanez – Flex Lyrics

Did I
F**k around and drop the top on ni**as
When them ni**as thought I wouldn’t
Did I
F**k your bi**h or something
What I did to ya why you fronting on me
Did I
Hit the trap and have it jumping
Turning nothing into something
Peeling off the corner flexing on them ni**as
Shawty know a ni**a came here from nothing

(Verse 1)
I got the gas on me
Being broke was the reason
Why all of these females would pass on me
Now I pull up in that S550 and I dash on them
And you know I don’t spend any cash on them

When I’m pulling up inside that thang
You know I do my thing
And I drop the top on all these ni**as in the way
And this is for the times a ni**a sh*tted on me
You s**tted on me, now you see the tables turning my way

(Pre Chorus)
So I gotta flex, I gotta flex, I gotta flex on you
For all of the times when I was a mess
And you tried to flex on me too
So I gotta flex, and I gotta flex, and flexing on you too
I know I’m wrong
Tell me what I did to you

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A young ni**a gotta hop out and do something
Gotta let the top down to prove something
Ni**a you know I I I got news for you
Everybody know I’m paid only you fronted
The fame made a ni**a lose a lot of friendships
The fame made these ni**as do a lot f**k s**t
Couple good girls that I lost to the cause
I gotta face facts we don’t talk no more
Young rich ni**a on his way up
My ni**as up and i hope that they stay up
You know the devil working gotta pray up
And i just pray that all my ni**as
Paid up and ball like lay up
I’m calling shawty calling
I do this often don’t know what to call it
This s**t exhausting but you know I’m all in
Drop the top on that thing when its gwaning

(Repeat Bridge and Pree Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

Nyce…Yo my ni**a, i ain’t never been to a party like that in my life bro!
Kellz…S**t was lit still
Nyce…Yo the way we pulled up in that bi**h s**t was crazy my ni**a
Tory…Pass the weed
Kellz…We had the parking lot on tilt!
Nyce…Anyways a-yo i know y’all ni**as gonna ask me for a ride bro, so I’ma tell y’all ni**as straight up 5 dollars gas, all y’all ni**as
Tory…Nah, nah, nah, not today I’m not doing that today real talk, i don’t even got it on me
Kellz…He did that sh*t to me last week!
Nyce…Ay-yo Tory
Tory…What ni**a
Nyce…You gonna have to ride me that ten though
Tory…For What!
Nyce…My ni**a, your girl, she just lives way to f**king far man
Kellz…That’s a mission still Tory, she lives far as f**k
Tory…Nah nah nah nah come on, my ni**a don’t do that hating s**t to me, come on
Nyce…A-yo my ni**a if you just lived on the block like everyone else, this wouldn’t be a f**king problem
Tory…Yo my ni**a I’m not gonna live at my girls house forever bro, but for now my ni**a, I’m doing this music s**t ni**a
Kellz…Music? man I’m talking this money!
Tory…Man whatever my ni**a, back to what I was saying, I’m finna have this music s**t pop ni**a so tonight, f**k my girl, I’m getting active with the homies ni**a, we finna put my music in and that’s what the f**k we finna listen to