Verse Simmonds – In My Feelings Lyrics

I could just be in my feelings, yeah, yeah
I could just be in my feelings, yeah, yeah
I could just be in my feelings
Situation is fleeting
You got me in my feelings, yeah, yeah

(Verse 1)
Who’s on your line girl?
Who you entertain when I’m not around?
All on my mind girl, you supposed to be just holding me down
You supposed to be the queen, wear the crown
I suppose that they ain’t really
I haven’t given you much to hold on to girl
Baby hold onto me, this is more than just jealousy
I don’t wanna believe, that you could be just like me
You got your sneaky ways, but who am I to judge you
And I don’t even like you

(Pre Chorus)
I don’t know how you put these feelings on this plate
I’ve gotten too used to doing things my own way
Oh, you’re not mine
So why are we fighting this time?
Maybe I’m lying and I care more than I try

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You know what you’re doing
You got a hold of me, taking control of me
Taking a toll on me, oh
Baby let’s get away, I tried to get away
Girl I got plenty of the money
Baby you don’t need no luggage
You could just go with you love, yeah

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)