Rapper OG Maco Involved In Serious Car Crash Hospitalized

Rapper OG Maco wants you to pray for him. The XXL Freshman alum revealed that he was involved in a serious car crash and has received several broken bones including skull fractures, cracked vertebrae, and a broken orbital bone.

“Thank God I ain’t too cool for that safe belt,” OG Maco wrote on Twitter. “Multiple skull fractures, broken orbital (surgery next week), cracked vertebrae (surgery next week) and heart palpations.”

“I feel ALIVE,” he added.

The rapper also managed to be jovial about the seriousness of his injuries. “On the bright side, My plastic surgeon says I can’t get any uglier so fixing my face should be easy,” he said.

It has been a mere month since he released his OG Maco 2 mixtape. We are glad to see OGG alive and making strides in his recovery. The above photo shows the extend of some of his injuries with a neck brace, black eye and lacerations. But his middle finger seems to be doing okay.