Jeremih Featuring K Camp & Wiz Khalifa – Dubai Lyrics

Yeah I came to f**k t**s s**t up
I came to f**k this s**t up
Yeah I came to f**k this s**t up
I came to f** this s**t up
You know I came, you know I came
I came to f**k this sh*t up
While we….going up
I got the rythme in my cup
Swear my Rollie be cutting no rug
Yeah these bi**hes, they swear I’m the plug
Ain’t no telling we do what we does
Every time that we f**k this s**t up
F**k this s**t up, we came to f**k this s**t up
We came to f**k this s**t up
We came to f**k this s**t up

(Verse 1 – Jeremih)
I say hello kitty to my hoes
All Balenciagas for my toes
I get paid in gold out for my shows
Came to f**k s**t up now with my bros
Just got a call from Croatia
Big money conversation
All models yeah they just do what I say
And I don’t ever gotta say s**t
She pop that ass back, I’ma f**k it up
If you ain’t get no money, s**k it up
Bend it over, make a bag, got the bands just to break em up
They ain’t know, throwing dough like Marino
F**k s**t up, that’s just what we do
Had to hit her with the lingo
Talking bout you know my Dino

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – K Camp)
F**k it up, f**k it up
Riding around with my…stuff
Gucci rag with the Cartier
Know some goons riding with the semi tucked
F**k this up, f**k this up
Got a mil but it ain’t enough
Shawty is you down to f**k or what?
Jeremih tell these hoes what’s up
F**k up your party, f**k up your house, we did that
After party might end up in your mouth, we did that
Yeah, yeah
Rollie on, that’s a 30 P
Hit the club with a 30 P
Get that…ho from under me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Wiz Khalifa)
You know it’s hard out here for a pimp
I don’t even know what I spent
Smoking weed bout to get low in the Bentley
Taylor Gang no we ain’t friendly
Bout to put gin in my Simply
Got your main bi**h in my whip
Goon on my side got that thing on his hip
Tony Montana must think I’m the s**t
Shorty got on a new Taylor Gang fitted
Came home, it was hard to explain it
Tatted like pockets
You f**king or not? Take your bi**h on a trip just like Janet
Khalifa man out of this planet
Now these little ni**as can’t stand it
My diamonds like Bieber, they dancing
My bi**h from the Island and she speak Spanish

(Repeat Chorus)

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