Jahmiel – The Next Chapter Lyrics

Weh you think wi go hard fah?
Back then my life did harder
But wi suffer no longer
My struggles make me stronger
Me and mi team a roll a try achieve the goal
Overcome though the streets were really cold

(Verse 1)
In a mi self man feel alright
Road wi a go wi a go build a vibes
Link up MBR pon the riverside
Gold jewelry wid mi sneakers white
Da girl deh waan mi Dag mi see it in her eyes
Zoom roll out wid 3 fast bike
Weh the next party wi have the street all night
Nough things could a worst withing my life

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Jah mi give thanks fi everything
Nice life mi friends dem living
And we be dreaming from ever since
Till we become major links
Now anyweh wi roll up, people roll out
Thugs a gi mi respect, girls a show love
Shi come so close
Seh countless, wa mount a photos
In a mi Polo and rose gold

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Meck a drive over my scheme
Buy the youth dem some ice cream
And who know mi long time when dem si mi
Dem seh dem love the uprising
Some nuh find it surprising
Know life is all about timing
Nothing nuh feel better than seen ma family smiling

(Repeat Chorus)

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