DJ Drama Featuring Pusha T, Ty Dolla $ign & Meek Mill – Boyz In The Hood Lyrics

(Intro – DJ Drama)
Dear Lord, when it’s all said and done
I pray I’m forgiven for my wrongs
And when they tell the story, it ends righteously

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
Uh, sorry your honor if I was too arrogant
That money was staggering
They locked me PC with them trannies and rats
Man that s**t was embarrassing
Twenty three hours in a cell by myself
Man you couldn’t imagine it
They fed me some s**t I wouldn’t feed to my dog
Man that s**t was the nastiest
Can you imagine me losing my mind?
Doing push ups, fifty-two at a time
Do the whole debt just to get through the time
Just to get to my son and get back to my mom
Papi keep asking me where am I at?
I told him, In jail and I said I’d be back
He said when you’re back, can you get me from school?
Sh*t like that there’ll turn boy to a goon
Onto the graveyard, there’s only one stop
We live fast, die from gunshots
In this lifestyle when we sling dope, bust Glocks
Why you think we say, f**k cops?
Cause when they lock us up all the fun stops
And when the ice cream truck come to one stop
So for the little babies all the fun stops
And we posted on the corner like the bus stop
Waiting on the state bus til the cuffs lock
They put shackles on us like jewelry, we say, f**k rock
All we ever wanted was to sell block
To get a little bit of real estate to sell blocks
Until we got a little taste of cell blocks
And try telling God when these cells lock, have mercy on me
Touchdown, catch your case tryna sell rock
You ain’t wanna believe that hell’s hot
My mom she told me you might as well stop
Cause you can’t ride your wave when the wells drop
And your water’s off and your bill’s due
And your s**t stinks, smell like mildew
S**t got wet all up and then left there
Cause them little ni**a’s done killed you, God damn

(Chorus – Ty Dolla $ign)
I know you’re watching over me, watching over me
But the devil’s tryna take my soul, my soul
One day all my ni**as’ll be free, Oh yeah
I know you got your hand on me, hand on me
Cause the devil’s tryna take my soul, my soul
One day all my ni**as’ll be free, oh yeah

(Verse 2 – Meek Mill)
They gave my dog life and I talked to him yesterday
Talk to him every day
He called me, he told me, he living through me
Ni**a, homie, don’t ever say
I told him I got him new lawyers and everything
100K on the heavyweight
Cause it don’t mean nothing, spend that on a presi face
He took the charge and ain’t ever say what we was doing
Or how we was moving
I’m talking that life, every night we was shooting
Selling narcotics and ducking narcotics
I duck in the alley, I do it elusive
I could remember my momma in tears
Me and my sister, no father was there
Oodles and noodles turned me to a monster
Now I’m screaming Momma I got us this year

(Verse 3 – Pusha T)
And every year after, now everyday’s laughter
No jail visits, no collect calls, we done put an end to that chapter
On holiday, small island riding jet skis with the family
I’m a hood ni**a, I can’t swim but that little fact it ain’t stopping me
I got yacht dreams, not rented, I double parked in that harbor
That’s drag racing for rich ni**as and bad bi**hes at the cargo
Woo, how fast your car go? Mine go two and change
My drugs now got a barcode, now that’s called moving things

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – DJ Drama & Choir)
We don’t choose the life we’re given
But just make the best out of what we’re living
Circumstance don’t define you, your choices do
You know what your biggest blessing is? Tomorrow
Cause the devil’s tryna take my soul, my soul
One day all my ni**as’ll be free, oh