Chi Ching Ching – Kush In The AC Lyrics

Pass the white a the raw wrizla
Meck mi roll up one fi the road
Yow St. Best, one fi the road
Portland roll up one fi the road
High grade that a fi wi code

Weh wi do dawg?
One fi the road
Ochi, one fi the road
Rolling spring, roll up one fi the road
Half pound pon the cutting board

Weh wi a burn?
Kush in the AC

A weh yuh seh
Cush in the AC

Yuh cyaa burn no cush in the AC
Dem a seh Chi Ching Ching yuh crazy

(Verse 1)
Poppy eye dem fry like KFC
Mi skull hotter than a patty a Tastee
Nutty tell mi seh Richey plat eyelid
Coming like cruff
Dem ever look lazy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
High grade and athlete
Mi brain start run just like an athlete
Deh weed yah
Soft out brain weh tough like concrete
Before mi touch the street

(Repeat Chorus)