Busy Signal – Perfect Team [New Music]

Dancehall star Busy Signal says pu**y and c**key meck the “Perfect Team,” produced by Turf Music Ent.

Mi seh c**key drop asleep and pu**y wake it up
Pu**y seh to c**key why you sleeping so much?
C**key ask pu**y seh a f**k you waan f**k
When the pum-pum reply and seh you better hurry up
C**key get ignorant, well firm and stand up
Beat up pu**y till it unconscious
Pu**y start bwal till the whole place wet up
Pu**y a squeeze tight and a grip and grab up
C**key seh to pu**y seh him waan one touch

Busy Signal – Perfect Team Lyrics

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