Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross – Go Mode Lyrics

I told him right, right that sh*t, right
I got it, bi**h I got it
Six I got it

(Chorus – Ace Hood)
Club jumping once again, hydraulics
I’m doing numbers in the Benz, big body
You can catch me up in Liv popping bottles
Ain’t tripping over s**, I got it
My young ni**as, they on go mode s**t
I know the shooters, they on go mode s**t
I told you ni**as I’m in beast mode, s**t
No bricks, we don’t go slow

(Verse 1 – Ace Hood)
All gas on your dog ass, s**t
F**k who you know, you need a G pass
My little homies pull up quick fast
Extendos with the ski mask
Nah, y’all don’t really want that
I can have them creep, they be in that all black
Where the weed at?
I’m on the Beam back
I got them diamonds on my collar playing free tag
I’m in the club lit
I’m from the 9 5th
My ni**a Fat Boy don’t trust you, I’ma squeeze clip
Cause that’s my gang, gang
We gotta maintain
Just know I’m king in my city like Lebron James
They call me Ace Hood
You know my face good
I’m about to pop 100 bottles for my whole hood
So quit the hating bruh
Hood nation in this bi**h, you can’t f**k with us, gang

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rick Ross)
Phone call so I split another swisher
Let down you ni**as, when I’m always gon deliver
County jail keep you for a roll of tissue
Rolling Stone, time to grace another issue
60 cars in my yard, I’m tryna touch 100
Have a seizure, getting brain, shawty shaking something
Breaking news, homicide, and that’s just how it go
My ni**a died in my arms, that’s back in 94
I’m tryna stay alive and ride like it’s Makaveli
Last boy crossed mine, them ni**as wasn’t ready
I take this war s**t deeply, this sh*t I enforce
They even fired 20 shots at my silver Rolls Royce
Next morning s**t, I went and put the rims on it
Diss ni**as and go get a few spins on it
Good dope, you can always put a tan on it
Wayne came home and I put a Benz on it

(Interlude – Rick Ross)
You wanna talk about doing some real s**t ni**a
What y’all ni**as out here doing ni**a
My ni**a just came home from ni**a doing 17 ni**a
Came home to that two door brand new ni**a
You can smell the motherf**king leather ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)