Zoey Dollaz – Couches Lyrics

(Intro – Dave Chapelle Skit)
Got an eye problem Eddie?
You don’t like that Eddie?
You don’t like my feet on your couch?
On your coffee table?
F**k yo couch ni**a!
F**k yo couch

Jahlil Beats, holla at me

We step up in the club, f**king up the couches
Tell the bartender, we gon order us some bottles
We ain’t standing on the floor, f**king up the couches
Club gon swole, f**king up the couches
DJ on go, f**king up the couches
I’m in here with my zoes, f**king up the couches
What we doing? F**king up the couches, f**king up the couches
F**king up the couch, f**king up the couches
F**king up the couch, f**king up the couches
F**king up the couch, f**king up the couches

(Verse 1)
Okay, standing on the couches screaming f**k the bouncer
Shmoney dancing on the sofa, feeling like I’m Bobby
Order up some bottles for the ni**as round me
Bad bi**hes falling through, ni**as catching bodies
Screaming f**k the other side, f**k the other side
You got a problem with my ni**as, it’s a homicide
Them zoes banging red and blue and they down to ride
You ni**as better think about it fore you ni**as try
Ni**as hating in the club, we make it rain on em
We gon take a ni**a bi**h and put the chain on her
We gon play with the mind and run a game on her
And take shawty to the crib, put the pain on her

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Okay, 100 bottles, 100 ni**as, Oh yeah we mobbing
Jumping on couches, looking at bouncers like we wilding
Spending money, blowing cheques, we getting lit
And my haters see the watch across the room, flick of the wrist
All my ni**as strapped, all my ni**as jewelled up
Whole squad screaming gang, gang, ni**a that’s us
We Don’t need no security, ni**a back up
And I pray to God none of you ni**as Dont act up
I’m in the club, I’m just standing on the couches
A young bi**h with me rolling up some ounces
100 deep, we take over VIP
Whole gang with me, and we screaming FBG

(Repeat Chorus)