Big KRIT – That Part (Freestyle) Lyrics

Lately, I been talking to my ego
That we gon be one of the greatest to ever make it from the dirty south
It’s going down just look alive
F**k what they heard and who they signed you did more
For the culture than them combined it took a while to prove them wrong 300 songs later
No debating they’ll pass the crown to ya
At the feet of a king that was chained to defeat till he rose out the creek of the sip with a chip on his shoulders
Last of a dying bread who gonna lead it
This rap s**t is over
Matta fact there is no subject matter or exposure
I can feel the end getting closer
Maybe I ain’t sober the drank got me dranked out
The gas mixed with hash and oil got ya tanked out
Spent so much time in the vault I was banked out
Don’t talk to me about hit song with ya stank mouth
Im being serious
Dark as night still see the vision
Country boy break the block with no collision
Old school MC with no suspension
Sometimes it was me and god and my religion
Itchin to make some scratch
And jump in the Lac with the twanks and the flat
The diamond in the back
Bumping UGK, my rims don’t scrape my trunk on quake
I can’t hear hate like what you say
F**k yall ni**as
Im 10 toes down
And still moving
I never seen so many with rings thats still losing
Never seen so many faces
Don’t mean they boo hooing
Why you worried bout me and mine what yall doing
That goal ain’t fooling ain’t never ever ever
I buried mine im running out of shovels
Angel wings and those that tuck their feathers
Until im tired of here and go to heaven