Lil Wayne – Pray To The Lord Lyrics

(Chorus 2X)
Before I sleep I pray to the lord my soul to keep
And if I should die before I wake I pray to the lord my soul to take
For goodness sake

(Verse 1)
I wrote my will just the other week
It was funny, it was only one sheet
And I know there’s only one me
But I hope I am everything my son be
I’m trying to live right, stay on the drum beat
But I’m in the fast lane, in the front seat
I wonder will I lose control of the Maserati?
And hit some tree, just being young me
Is there a heaven for G’s and soldiers?
I can’t go to hell, cause I’d take over
I feel it approaching but I ain’t scared
I made that bed and I should rest in peace

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 2)
And every time I see the sunshine
I drop down and give thanks at least one time
I’m feeling like I’m living on the front line
I’m feeling like every second is crunch time
I’ve had breakfast, will I make it to lunch time?
And I ain’t joking so don’t be looking for punchlines
Will I be the next victim of a gun crime?
I don’t know the answer, that’s why I brung mine
Riding by myself late at night
Pistol on my lap at every single red light
I made my bed right, so when I do I should sleep tight
In peace I rest

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Verse 3)
Bury me a gangsta cause that’s what I live
Don’t cry for me I gave the best I could give
I can only do me, so that’s what I did
And I cherish every breath of my kid
And I don’t wanna go before she grow, that ain’t cool
But in this game of life, I don’t make the rules
Sh*t, so that’s why I get twisted
So I can’t feel it when it hits me
And my moms don’t need that on her
But I see death around the corner
And if he, so happens to make his way around the block
You gotta answer the door when he knock, believe that

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

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