Snoop Dogg Featuring Jeremih – Point Seen Money Gone Lyrics

(Chorus – Jeremih)
Let’s got out to Miami and get the money
Baby how that sound?
When I’m feeling high I’m probably on some light skin
When I’m feeling low I’m sipping on some brown
Won’t you come trips to California?
We can get with it, show you how the s**t goes down
Know around the world get nasty
And I’mma be right there, as long as where it’s
That’s where the cash be

(Post Chorus – Jeremih)
Cash be
And I’mma be right there, right where my cash be
Yeah yeah, no, no, no, no, no, no
That’s where the cash be

(Verse 1 – Snoop Dogg)
Mula, fetty, you not ready
I’mma get the cheese but the bread was spaghetti
Letti said he can play with them broads
Opportunistic I stay on them hoes
I ain’t got time to be hanging with y’all
Specially when there is no money involved
Joint seem mighty long, red beam on his dome
Point seen, money gone

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Snoop Dogg)
Robert De Niro, fly as a sparrow
Profit to profit, arrow to pharaoh
El Bueno, hustle like Maino
All money in, no draino
Can’t no body, get it like I get mines
Smoke papers, Jamaica, I make it, bake it, shake it, or make it
Never had to fake it to make it
Just put the pedal to the metal rock it up to get flakey
I’m living the fast life
Jet after jet and try to keep my cash right
I know you understand the meaning
Hand full of green and while the fans keep feigning
Straight up, no leaning, I’m right where the chips at
Or even in the hood where the crips at
Joint seem mighty long, red beam on his dome
Point seen money gone

(Repeat Chorus & Post Chorus)

(Interlude – Snoop Dogg & Jeremih)
All right now, I need Passion to the stage
Destiny, Maliah, Passion
And I’mma be right there, right where my cash be
I need y’all to the stage, let’s go
Yeah yeah
I need y’all on the stage, let’s go
Work, work, work

(Verse 3 – Snoop Dogg)
In a white ghost sipping holy water
Always been the type to get it close to Porter’s
After play, Barry Bonds, out the park
I got hits, what you mean? I through the tarp
At the wall, off the wall, I feel like Mike
I don’t miss, ni**as talking s**t
Say I took his bi**h, hit that pu**y, it took one night
Hitting that hoe quit, it was just aight
Uhh, not at all
I ain’t get to see the wall, I cocked em all
F**ked it all, f**k the law, f**k you thought
I ain’t change, seen my chain looks like the car
Flashy man, flashy this and dancing on me
Dirty dancing, dancing like my double cup
Lemonade to ni**as that be talking tough
See you got money, I just double up
Multiply, f**k addition, f**king bi**hes all night
Macauley Culking, rich and riches
This the life, they walk away, it’s so delicious
Up in Dubai, sushi, hella bi**hes
Aw man wrote a check, 2 commas, lean lean
Tell em I need two shots, by two o’ clock
Plus that adds about $2000, two drops
Pull up with my crew in silent nights

(Outro – Jeremih)
I need a girl who will do whatever I want
I need a girl who will do whatever I want