DMX – Blood Red Lyrics

Man, this is it
This is what they’ve been waiting for baby
This is what they’ve been waiting for
They’ve been waiting for the dog to scratch
They’ve been waiting for the dog to scratch
Already got Grand Champ status
Tell me how they feel about this?

(Verse 1)
All I see red, blood red
F**k that ni**a said? One dead
Gun to the head, didn’t run
But instead, wash my hands and face
His blood, it shed
Never had it all, I was born demented
F**k apologizing, if I said it, I meant it
If I don’t like you, f**k you
Never pretending
Crash blew up and burned…that’s how it ended
Urban legend, I heard it mentioned
Dog is right at home in the dirt and trenches
My birth’s intentions…was the first to sentence
What’s life without parole for the worst offenses
Senseless slaughters, kicked open the door
Why everybody gotta die?
Why our sons and daughters?
With orders, we are clear from the start
First, turn off the lights
And then murder whatever moves in the dark, ni**a

Blood red!
Blood red!
If they don’t know by now, they about to find out

Blood red!
Blood red!
How the dog get down, and what the dog is about

(Verse 2)
Even though I know it is the truth, you don’t mean it
You haven’t earned it, you haven’t seen it
Nightmares, all you can do is dream it
You run from it, and I end up in between it
What was the first curse, turned into a blessing
With burners that s**t was burned, turned into a weapon
Built for war, bi**h ass ni**a
That s**t I’m gonna spit will get you killed through the door
Found em on the floor…the fetal position
There is no or, came here with leave em intentions
Thought s**t was funny, like s**t you was saying was ill
Until you made that left turn, and s**t got real
When it come to rap, you cats got it all wrong
Got bars for days, but can’t make a song
If you did half of what you said when you was flapping your jaw
Push dem bricks, the f**k yous rapping for? Ni**a!

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

They wasn’t, they not ready!
They not ready! (10X)
C’mon man
My plan
It is not a f**king game