Lil Uzi Vert – Stole Your Luv Lyrics

I know you tired of heart break
Baby, I am not them
And it’s not my fault I
Live the way that I am

(Verse 1)
Yeah, I remember when they said I would be nothing, yeah
Now I’m on a mission to the money
Now excuse me while I count all these hundreds
I don’t even count that s**t by a hundred no more
Count that s**t just by a thou, wow, yeah
These lil girls chase me like I’m lil Bow Wow, yeah
Smoking that gas, like I got the loud out, yeah
Guns all in my crib like that s**t a hideout, yeah
They say that she ball, not in my house, yeah
I swear that I’m balling with no timeouts, yeah
I give her that D, I wait till I foul out, yeah

Oh, my bad, yeah
I stole your love? Oh my bad, yeah
Get her what she want and that bag, yeah
Rock Vetements, yeah, from last year
Rock Off White with no price tags
Girl I love you, I can’t fight that
If it’s wet, I’m gon bite that
If I was locked up, would you write back?

(Verse 2)
Yeah, I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll
Now she wanna go cause I’m on a roll, cause I’m on a roll
Now she wanna go cause I’m on a roll, cause I’m on a roll
Like girl, where was you before?
Nevermind that cause she’s a les, and she’s gonna go
Yeah, I’m just stacking my racks, ooh
Then I’m spending my racks, yeah
But I make it right back, yeah
Uzi walk with a Mac, yeah
Oh, aye, you want her back, yeah?
Look at your face boy, I know you’re sad, yeah
You want her back, huh?
You want her back, yeah
Can’t get her back, yeah
Cause I got the cash, yeah
I got the cash, yeah
I got the cash, yeah
200 all on my dash yeah
She done with you like a fad, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
You’re a tall glass of wine with your fine ass
And you know I got you back, girl, and that’s a fact
Woah, smash that Rollie when I was right AKX
Yeah, your girl been my girl, if you ain’t know, my bad
Like when she throw that water, water spend my K
Remember Walter, she was just with him
I couldn’t post nothing, no pictures
Me and my girl got two beginings, Trillectro I knew I would get her
Then she poured us some more, and throw Jeff’s ass out
Whatever he is, I’m ten times that
Times two, plus five, I’m ten times that
Oh, your music so dope, how come I can’t find that? Where that s**t at?
Oh, you Casper the ghost writer and you ain’t signed yet?
I’ma try to get you some shows, so you can get your mind back
Took what’s yours, made it mine, now you just wishing you could get time back
Lil Uzi selling out shows, like, where your lines at?
Rocking ALYX Studios, but, nevermind that, skurrt!

(Repeat Chorus)