Chris Brown Responds To Ex-Manager Lawsuit, Tour Manager Also Claims Assault

The lawsuits and the accusations keep piling up against Chris Brown.

Just last week a former manager name, Mike G, filed a lawsuit against Breezy claiming that the singer beat him to a pulp sending him to the ER.

Chris Brown Sued By Former Manager ‘He Beat Me To A Pulp’

But Brown is saying that Mike is mad with him because he fired him for stealing money. Mike’s Lawyer, Patty Glaser, has since released a statement denying the “Loyal” singer’s claims, according to TMZ.

“Sadly, Chris Brown is once again lashing out against those who were closest to him and is refusing to accept responsibility for his actions,” the statement reads. “Making up false claims against Mike G to deflect attention away from his continued violent behavior is shameful. We are looking forward to our day in court when Chris Brown will be held accountable.”

Maybe there will also be a defamation suit coming Chris Brown’s way.

As if things couldn’t get any worst for Breezy. One of the singer’s former tour managers from the European leg of his One Hell Of A Night tour is accusing him off verbally attacking and threatening her in a drug fueled rage on his tour bus.

Nancy Ghosh claimed that he cornered her and went on a threatening rampage so intense that she ran off the bus and quit the job immediately. She also claimed that he told her that he would do what he did to Mike G to her.

Seems Mike’s lawyer will have at least one person to testify in court against Chris Brown. If these accusations are true then Breezy’s legal troubles are nowhere near over. he has not responded to this latest accusations, perhaps his lawyers gave him some advice.

The way things are looking you can look for more former employees of Brown coming out the woodwork with more accusations.