Kid Cudi – Goodbye Lyrics

(Intro – 2Pac Shakur)
Everything starts from now
You’re crazy, man
You know what?
When you said that last time
I was kinda tripping, right?
But now, you’re right
I am crazy. But you know what else?
I don’t give a f**k. I don’t give a f**k about myself
You remember that, motherf**ker
Cause I’m the one y’all need to be worried about

(Verse 1 – Kid Cudi)
You knowing I’m vicious
Daddy home ni**as ain’t doing the dishes
What is this?
For years I’ve been feeling suspicious
Bout certain ni**as motives and morals
And such, and like that
I done landed the ship
Paralleled parked in the park in the dark
Don’t be concerned if I’m making a grip
Own half of my masters, so muthaf**k you bastards
Clones all a f**king round
When I step on the scene don’t hear a sound
What more could I do?
So much, too much
The Chosen One has said stand up, be proud of you
And I’m here, no fear
Been hearing all the calls, the chants, the cheers
We’re clear
When I’m leaving the show
You knew I was gon be back to go yam on these hoes

(Chorus – Kid Cudi)
I hear the madness
I pray I lean towards the light, ya know?
I’m just living
Tryna stay outta trouble, minding my own
The angels they protect me from the horror in my dome
I don’t wanna have to tell you again friend
Please, leave a real ni**a alone

(Bridge – Pink Floyd)
Goodbye cruel world
I’m leaving you today
Goodbye, Goodbye

(Verse 2 – Kid Cudi)
Psych ya mind, who hit’cha?
Thought I would be dead
Yea, I figured
Nah, ill be pulling the trigger
Until then I’m coasting, roasting, leaving you Ghosting
Now, Check the approach
Finesse, the best, hitting reps
Sets, gains
Call me whatever you like
But remember one thing
Forever no matter what, I reign
We don’t care about your money
You corny on and off the cob
A shame, A 1 lame
A cover up, you got no personality
Hide behind your wealth to hide oneself, sad
The s**t is so twilight zone
Batman left Gotham now sh*ts all wrong
Jokes on you Luke
Here is the Demolition Man
A ni**a got a plan and I gotta
Get em 1 by 1, 2 by 2
The kids need the guidance
That real life
All in bi**h you know my face
My name
The style
The catalog
Cud Life the #1, 1
Cud Life the #1, 1
Cud Life the #1, 1 under the sun
The Chosen

(Repeat Chorus & Bridge)