Fat Joe and Remy Ma – All The Way Up (Westside Remix) featuring Snoop Dogg, The Game, E-40, French Montana & Infa-Red Lyrics

(Intro – Fat Joe)
Yeah yeah, it’s the west coast remix
West side the best side
Snoop, Game, E-40

(Chorus – Infared)
Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up
All the way up
I’m all the way up
I’m all the way up
Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up

(Bridge – French Montana)
Shorty what you want? Shorty what you need?
My ni**as run the game, we ain’t ever leaving
Counting up this money, we ain’t never sleeping
You got V12, I got 12 V’s
Got bottles, got weed, got molly
I’m all the way up
Shorty what you want? I got what you need
Shorty what you want? I got what you need
Shorty what you want? I got what you need

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 1 – Snoop Dogg)
You ni**as riding in a Lexus
I’m floating outer space with Elroy Jetson
Battlestar Galactica, who rolling with you?
I’m way up, twisting like the solar system, so official
Air traffics, notified
Blow the whistle, old pistol, forty-five
My weed miss you, these weak bi**hes horrified, glorified
Bi**h you better get your story right
Or disappear, vamoose, Papoose
That’s my nephew, so you know we got the juice
Loose lips sink ships, trip this for a second
I’m all the way up on this Fat Joe record
Don’t let me down, I’m too high for you to get me now
22 years on top so you could never forget me now
There’s no way to shut me down
Rock and roll with the lion if you’re with me now
Hit me now
I’m back to the Snoop s**t
LBC, east side, that’s the movement
Gangster music, do it, do it, I do’s it
I make it rain, pop pop, bang

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – The Game)
You can catch me Milly Rocking through Manhattan
Kobe retired and Brooklyn on the bandwagon
Hundred bands in my pockets got my pants sagging
My granny still tell a ni**a pull them all the way up
Bentley truck splashing on two chains
Got it on monster truck tires, I’m in two lanes
Hop out, Marty McFly, my kicks Liu Keng
California plates, black and yellow ni**a, Wu Tang
Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, yeah Old Dirty Bastard in this Mulsanne
My whips change colors like a mood ring
I hear that Big Pun playing, ni**a turn it all the way up
Back on my bullsh*t ni**a
I’m a Golden State Warrior, f**k that Bulls sh*t ni**a
Steph Curry with the pot, Draymond with the Glock
Turn your body into clay, I see your truck and shoot it all the way up
Catch me on the west like Ye
Or on the east like Dave, hear my beats by Dre
If a bi**h in my DM’s, I know what’s up
She tryna f**k, pull her panties to the side
And go all the way up
Now let me see them hands
Throw them all the way up
Like I’m DJ Khaled, put em all the way up
Make a west side, throw it all the way up
They looking for Eazy, I point it all the way up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – E-40)
What you know about turning a quarter zip into a half a brick?
Making it out of the ghetto without your wig split
Wrist watches that don’t tick
With the international warranty card that comes with it, bi**h!
Courtside seats, arena suites
Shining, got diamonds, 10 thousand dollars in my teeth
Cool with the hustles and athletes
What you make in a year, I make in a week
I can eyeball and weigh the yola, I’m an appraiser
Put you out like a cigarette butt, shut down your circuit breaker
Got a key around my neck, clientele and
Longevity like that boy Kevin…and Steve Styles
One hit wonder what I’m not
I used to rap back in the days with Pac
Believed in myself, went with my gut
Tell em pimp

(Repeat Chorus & Bridge)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)