Jeezy Featuring 2 Chainz & Future – Magic City Monday Lyrics

(Intro – Jeezy)
Yeah, that truck backing up
Yeah, yeah, yeah, whoa!

(Chorus – Jeezy)
Bi**h we ain’t playing bout that money
We got em wrapped up like a mummy
That Presidential looking sunny
Feel like a Magic City Monday
These ni**as hating on a playa, holding their nuts on a playa
They wanna see a ni**a fall out the game
Just know I stay smoking good, steady balling on these s*ckas
Counting paper, I suggest you do the same

(Verse 1 – Jeezy)
Jizzle is the name, hustling is the game
Bought everything on the mannequin, money like a train
Might just walk up out of Neiman’s and go buy me a plane
Black drophead Phantom just to hog up all the lanes
If you don’t think that’s funny, then you don’t know me, money
If you playing bout this paper, then you don’t know me, honey
The clique don’t do no holsters, we standing on the sofa
And we be in them Rolls, the ones that come with chauffeurs
Who the f**k the DJ? He playing all my hits
Say who them ni**as putting on? Bet they got all the bricks
Money’s the agenda, we mix it like a blender
Got ten off in the fender, with steps up in the center

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – 2 Chainz)
Rest in peace Nando, car full of ammo
Abracadabra, Magic, Orlando
Hop up out the bando, hop up out the Lambo
Got my Cuban links on, they gon need a passport
I’m doing the dashboard, paid $300 cash for it
Used to have the glass like it came out the backboard
Came in the backdoor, skin color rim
Man the bi**h keep robbing on me, I’ma turn into a genie
Got that Magic City flow, got that money on the floor
I’m so close to the club, I damn near parked on the floor
It’s a line at the door, ni**as lying at the door
Hit the hotel suite and put the sign on the door

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Future)
That’s that check running through the machine!
I got the retail on em
By the time it get to you it got detail on it
We got that fishscale on it
By the time it get to you it got seashells on it
I get a rush now
Walk-through the Rollie and bust down
After I flooded my wrist
I go jump in your bi**h and then jump in a foreign
You know what I represent
Everything I whip up, yeah it gotta be foreign
We wrap it up like a mummy
Finessing and wrapping up dummy
I got a plug on the girl
But I know, I know you telling
I gotta s**t on you first, cause I know you jealous
I had to jump off the porch, now I’m fully developed
Baller status, absolutely, top back, no roof
They search around for the street fare
They’ll never have a clue

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Future)
Who you know run up the check like that?
Who you know run up the check like that?
Who you know run up a tab like that?
Hendrix! Hendrix!