Dreezy Featuring T-Pain – Close To You Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Dreezy)
I just wanna take way the pressure
I knew you were special when I met you
Hate the way you bottle your confessions
I wait for you, I gotta know, I gotta know
Who you…who you…are
And you ain’t gotta worry when you with me
I vibe with your mental because you get me
And whenever you want me, you can hit me
I’ll be there in a minute boy
I’m tryna get close to you, to you, woah-waoh

(Chorus – Dreezy & T-Pain)
Anything you want, I got it
In my feelings, boy, I’m so about you
I just wanna get to know your body
Baby anything goes
When I’m tryna get close to you, to you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh no
Oh na, na, na
Oh na, na
Oh na, na, na

(Verse 2 – T-Pain)
I just wanna make this
So tel me is you out or is you in baby
We might just end up sharing skin babies
Siamese twins baby
I wanna get close to you, oh, woah-oah, oh-oh-oh
Ah, alright, oh
Baby I think we done talked enough
Hit some of this kush and take this cup
Baby I ain’t tryna make love
You know that I’m a thug
So what’s up with you?
What’s up with you?
All I know…oh girl

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Dreezy)
Said I was through it, but I really want him
His swagger got me falling like a leaf in autumn
And I don’t give a damn about his baby momma
He always on my mind, I think I’m ’bout to call him
It might not last forever but it’s
This ain’t the same with him, I get a better feeling
Don’t care bout what they say, it ain’t nobody’s business
I said I wouldn’t fall, I guess you got me slipping

(Repeat Chorus)