Towkio Featuring Joey Purp – Playin Fair Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Towkio)
I said Oooh!
I swear we taking it over
And I stepped in this bi**h and I feel fresh out a coma
I swear these bi**hes be choosing
But I know I’m the chosen
I mean this flow is so static
Get shocked if you get any closer
I dropped the lean in
I put my weed in diplomas
Then my body got marts, I’m art
I swear this the MOMA
I get as soft the sofa
And flip it hard as a rock
No Smith, I need me a Jada
I might just kick you a Jaden
I see the future like That’s So Raven
And I know what I know
I don’t know bout know Oreos, but I know bout them O’s
And I know bout…in the
Dressed up with hoodies and straps
They come kick down your door and won’t need no warrant for that
And I’m a brother of father, then my nephew we growing
My mama, she always working and finally got a promotion
And every day yeah she text me
She call me, tell me she love me
I told her Mama don’t worry, I’m trying to get to this money
And I ain’t got no homies
Man I only got family
Talking Vic there and Chano, Joey, Chukwu, and
We used to whip in the…until that b*tch got a
Now we get high in Cali
We taking flights over mountains
And my bros, I got em
Yeah I swear I got em
From the city of Gotham
Who knew this garden would blossom
I remember concrete court
Ball like Vince Carter
Them shots on me to the head
You can talk to the

(Chorus – 4X)
We ain’t playing fair, no
We ain’t playing fair, no
We ain’t playing fair, no
We ain’t playing fair, no

(Verse 2 – Joey Purp)
I got a cup with a cup in it
And some sprite with some stuff in it
And a pocket with pills in it
And a mind full of dreams in it
And a bed with my b*tch it
And the world at my finger tips
Now we came along way from that cup with some lean in it
And I only got homies
No I only got family
Scratch that, I only got Hennessy
Get you killed for a Camry
Try’na go from….to a Grammy
Trying to go from pack into passion
Trying to get a brick from Rick Ruben
Shangri La like a bando
Yeah my new s**t, my true s**t be sore off the handle
Uber black cars pick up my black friends with blakas, they rap stars
I’m talking Victor and Chano
Trying to stop us in
They kick us out of all our classes
They just couldn’t understand us
I’m saying ooooh
Bi**h I feel like we taking over
Trying to rob the game
This feel like when Vince Carter ball with Tracy McGrady
I show her….with a dirty 380