Fetty Wap Apologize and Pleads For Suspended Principal At His Former High School

Fetty Wap turned up at a Paterson, NJ school board meeting yesterday not to get permission to shoot another music video, but to apologize and plead his case for suspended principal.

Principal Zatiti Moody was placed on administrative leave on June 1 for allowing the rapper to film a music video for his “Wake Up” single at Eastside High School.

Fetty Wap Girlfriend Masika Kalysha Gave Birth To A Baby Girl reported that School District officials does not condone the video which “advocates smoking marijuana and includes a scantily clad stripper twerking on a pole in a classroom.”

Fetty, whose real name is Willie Maxwell, attended the same high school. “If I disrespected anybody, I came today to apologize, but I also wanted to let people know that I’m a product of my environment,” he said.

“Before Moody was there, it was a lot different,” Fetty added.

Over a 100 other residents turned up with Fetty Wap to call for the reinstatement of Zatiti Moody.

Check out the video for “Wake Up” below.