Dreezy ft. Gucci Mane – We Gon Ride Lyrics

(Intro – Dreezy & Gucci Mane)
Welcome home!

(Chorus – Dreezy)
That’s my ni**a, that’s my bro, yeah that’s my dog
If ni**as wanna get it bussing, he on call
He gon ride til the wheels fall off
Yeah we gon ride til the wheels fall off
That’s my BF, that’s my day one, that’s my bi**h
You tryna tee up then you know we with the s**ts
She gon ride til the wheels fall off
Yeah we gon ride til the wheels fall off

(Verse 1 – Dreezy)
Me and my bi**hes stick together like the Bradys
Run up on us, we won’t save, we play crazy
All my ni**as off them yoppas like the 80s
And they ain’t tryna go to rehab, just like Amy
I just want me and my bi**hes in a foreign back to back
Used to post up at the trap and now we got a P to match
Pull up with my hypeman, but he don’t rap, he just strapped
And they stomp you like a fret if any ni**a try to cap
Ice and grips and taking trips, might cop a zip and make it flip
R.I.P. to Double G, she kept a P and that was it
Treat my bi**hes like my holster cause they’re always on my hip
In V.I.P., I’m with the s**ts, I cop a trey, she cop a fifth
That’s my bi**h!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Gucci Mane)
Call me Gucci the Don, jump on, I’m on the run
Told my mama kill em so I’m a son of a gun
And my dad is a hustler so I’m a son of a con
And from sun-up to dawn, I won’t surrender or run
Call me GuWop the legend, Cocaine King, they a legend
MAC 11, I ride, keep shooters at every session
I’m ahead of my time, a blessing to the present
Bi**h it’s Dreezy and Gucci, Dreezy pass me the Uzis
I’m not skressed out, no pressure, man I’m fresher than ever
I’m too slick to be slipping, can’t count me out, I’m too clever
Schizophrenic when paid, come to money, I panic
Count a bulk by the cabbage, I’m Macho Man Randy Savage
It’s Gucci!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Dreezy)
I put traps in all my bloods and show these ni**as no love
Up a roll and it don’t fold, I got new hundreds, no dubs
Got this s**t up out the mud but I remember we used to juug
With some thugs and they shoot like Elmer Fudd
Yeah, pull up on you just for saying something
Swear I’ll throw a tantrum
If you been getting it with your best friend, this your anthem
Still the same bi**h, won’t see me out here with no random
Now we on the road and I’m sticking to the code
Way before we touched the bag we still was making bi**hes mad
Not in class, but they still congratulate me like a grad
Out here beefing with your day one over these ni**as and it’s sad
Nah we don’t fall out, ni**a, we just ball out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Dreezy)
Who I sound like now, bi**h?