Bugle – Elevation Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Been loyal life for the poor
Dinner nuh sure
And even though you live withing the law
You still nuh safe from prison door
Suh me still a wonder if a that’s why dem tell wi
To be poor is a crime
Cause the poor always a do time yeah

Every youth fi cyaa buy a house
Right now
Elevate from fire house

Every youth fi can buy a van
Wid him family a chad along

Every youth fi can buy a yacht
Have tickle fi that suh a nuh bag a chat
Have tickle fi that suh a nuh bag a chat

Every youth fi have money can buy even a B13 Sunny

(Verse 2)
It nuh nice when hungry a bite like lice
Every man fi a live even a middle class life
Wid proper roof over you head
Proper medical attention
Sleep in a proper bed
Youth fi get proper tool
Teach dem fi sit up pon the proper stool
Imagine if dem get the proper schooling
This world would a lack a fool king

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Youth don’t charge fi da crime deh
Wa dem seh to be poor
Elevate you self
Grab a house even a Port-More
Member you life have value
No give it weh suh easy
Surprise who love chat
Cause mi know dem nuh love that

(Repeat Chorus)