Young Thug ft. Twice – No Wendy’s (Controlla Remix) Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Twice)
Why you wanna go away for the whole summer?
Take a trip, like Obama
You can never leave me, I’mma tell ya Mama
She really tryna leave me
Ya friends tryna meet me and greet me
That ain’t where we stand though
I might hit you when you land though
You got me open like a bando
Me and Jeff was trapping out the bando
Then we popped it off like a xan bro, it’s still bout the xans ho
I really think that I can’t let that drank, ho
You know the one that say I think I can, I think I can
Catching feeling for you, I’m just saying
Used to call me all the time wanna holla and play
Selling dreams,saying me and you forever, what you always need
Play your favorite song at the Apple Bee’s
Girl I miss the old you, like the oldies
Cause I treat you like a dad like a OG
You shoulda told me
You not looking for relations, you just tryna get this paper
You know I never been a hater, introduce you to this favor
Phone running outta data, you can call me on iPhone

(Chorus – Young Thug)
I’ll introduce you to all my kinfolk
I’ll stay inside you I won’t go out the door
I like lil shawty, she rode it like a horse
Birthday, I’ll cake you, I’ll give you to my bros
Soon as I tell her she acting like she know it
I like the way she do her damn thing
She don’t really bark, she don’t complain
Therefore I was following her like the whole day
Travel s**t, do you dig me?
This that travel s**t, do you dig me?
This that stripper s**t, do you dig me?
This s**t come straight up out my kidney
This dope come straight up out a chicken
I just bought a Wraith f**k a hemi
Make her call me Mr. Williams, no Wendy

(Verse 2 – Young Thug)
All my ni**as eating, no Wendy’s
Yeah, no Wendy’s
Usher let it burn, baby wait your f**king turn
Everything you got you earned
Really f**k you, f**k all your concerns
Shawty open yo eyes, you blurry
Gotta keep em open, don’t be discouraged
I met you bae, you my discovery (you mine ho)
I met you bae, you my discovery
Yeah, you my brand new species
I’m on Cleveland like I’m Kyrie Irving
Same place I caught my first STD
I came from the bottom, you believe me?
And I made it to the top, now you can’t see me
I got ice on like I’m Johnny, on your TV
And I’m Clyde and she Bonnie till we dying

(Repeat Chorus)