Jadakiss & Nino Man – Block Style Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Nino Man)
Dropped out of school just to sell bricks
My hood be on some old 31 s**t
Don’t come around my way cause my block wild
Please don’t smoke around me if it’s not loud
I love em other kush, she always knew I make it
She not here to see it but she know I’m caking
Kiss f**k with me because my flow retarded
My don’t try to gas your artists cause that ni**a garbage
Now we ain’t hating, we just being honest
You had a little name but now your s**t is tarnished
I’m still in the trap so I’mma eat regardless
You try to stop the garden then you gon see where God live
Cause ni**as be moving shaky
I gave the hood a voice, y’all ni**as better thank me
I’ve been doing this since I was into skate key
I new a couple broads that didn’t wanna date me
Now girl, you’s a mother, motherf**king thottie
Every time I see you, now you in a party
I can’t trust these f**king broads B
No need to pologise cause now you looking sorry

(Verse 2 – Jadakiss)
They coming to get me and I’m with it
They just rapping bout it but I live it
I make Pablo, especially whenever I’m in YO
Only thing I really hate is 5-O
At any moment, you can die, yo
That’s all I know
That’s the town for you
When you down, everybody down for you
When you up, they got them loaded pounds for you
Suddenly, them smiles turn to frowns on you
Couple rounds on you
Then the jealousy can never be
Erases like a felony
Detention in the air and you can smell it B
Not too far from your body, where the shells be
Til they tell on me