Mr. Mauricio Featuring Troy Ave, Rick Ross & Yo Gotti – Paper Plates Lyrics

(Intro – Rick Ross)
Ricky Rozay aka Pharaoh Dinero
Mauricio, I got this, ni**a, sit back

(Verse 1 – Rick Ross)
A.I. on the crossover
Name a ni**a floss more
The crib worth 30
The record label burning
Hottest team on the turf
Fat Trel, put in work
Trill ni**a still on the rise
Throwback, black car, can I
Got these sticks back in ’96
Cocaine cowboy, howdy howdy, bi**h
Trapping so long til it’s in the pores
Made a hundred racks before you hit the chorus
Maybach, 5 lives in the Taurus
Ni**as froze up when they saw us
We the ones started out the poets
Poor student, natural born poet

(Chorus – Troy Ave)
Blue SL, got the centerfold
Sitting passenger, got a centerfold
New model Benz, new model bi**h
We just living life, dope dealer rich
Who got it? We got it
Who done it? We did it
One hunnid, we living
Get money, do business
Real ni**as love me, fake ni**as hate me
I’m still in the streets eating, paper plates

(Verse 2 – Yo Gotti)
The chopper make a ni**a Milly Rock
I’m tryna buy the whole city block
I got fed allegations, ni**a
And you a mothaf**king city cop
Mauricio! Let the beat drop
I’ma Smurda bands to the Lamborghini lot
SKRRRRT! Closed lips, we don’t talk a lot
Ni**a used to whip it out the coffee pot
Can’t remove black youngster
This money turned a ni**a to a monster, I am
I got the game from my mama
Hundred round, ni**a I’m the drummer
Battle of the bands
I’ll never take the stands
Told you ni**as I’m a general
Got the soldiers on command

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Troy Ave)
Dope boy Troy, you ain’t nothing like me
I buy a pack of white tees and pack some white keys, coke!
One when it’s hot, one in the pot, sizzle
You can find either one in the drop, riddle
I just bought a Benz with the price of Lamb
But show the new Rari, I was like, Damn!
I could f**k up the hood, they won’t understand
Backdoor, the feds might come for a ni**a, man
I’ma do it, f**k it, I’ma do it
I just had a half a million and I ran through it
350 on my condo, I paid cash
A hundred on the car, another 50 just for laughs
Hahahahaha I’m laughing straight to the bank
And I don’t give a f**k what a pu**y ni**a think
And I will shoot a ni**a dead if they even f**king blink
I’m the wrong one, but the right one to get you play

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Yo Gotti)
All gas, no brakes
All gas, no brakes
All gas, no brakes
All gas, no brakes
All gas, no brakes
All gas, no brakes
All gas, no brakes
All gas, no brakes