Rick Ross ft. Wale & Meek Mill – Make It Work Lyrics

(Intro – Meek Mill)
I used to want all that s**t, now I got it
I gotta think of some more s**t to want, ni**a

(Chorus – Meek Mill)
I used to want a quarter bird til I got me a brick
I used to want that SRT until I hopped in the Benz
I used to really want that hoe until she hopped on my d**k
You ni**as said they wanted war, we started dropping that s**t
Like oh Lord, oh Lord!
She riding waves, I tell your bi**h to surfboard
Surfboard, surfboard
She want the money, tell that hoe to work for it

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
I used to really want that hoe until I hit from the back
I started trapping, no hands, tried to get me a pack
I took my talents to South Philly, had to get me a sack
You ni**as know you f**k around, Meek Milly getting you whacked
I used to want a pound of weed, I started flipping that crack
Selling that dope, I went through hell being broke
A ni**a called me, say he got it, I say front me in four
And he ain’t heard from me since and now he smelling the smoke
You f**kboy! F**kboy!
Ni**as hating, I’m like what the f**k for?
I’m in the 6, I’m riding with a plus 4
She a 10, I f**k her and all her friends, pu**y ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wale)
Ni**a, so tired of these lame ni**as
Keep changing on you like late winter
Springing on you for a hoe or something
My coat season and game different
Self made, self made ni**a
Well dressed, well paid ni**a
I daredevil err’day, ni**a
Like Hell’s Kitchen and faint vision, oh Lord!
Tell them ni**as I’ma need a minute
Undefeated, young sneaker ni**a
Hundred deep, you never see a ni**a
Hennessy in moderation
But my ni**as drinking like them black ink ni**as
Hah, that’s cheesy ni**a
Meaning I cut and leave a ni**a
Get it? That’s leaving, ni**a
Scissors, clippers, please forgive me
Real ni**a, hoes around me
Take bi**hes, repeat offender
Ho, ho, please don’t let me
No, no, Easter pinking
I done prayed the rappers get the Actavis
So they can all go back to just sleeping on me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Rick Ross)
Ni**as looking at me when I step into the party
It’s the 50 millionaire, mothaf**king Don Dada
All these ni**as on coke, all these bi**hes on molly
Half my ni**as do both, you better get yourself some money
Catching feelings when I pull up in it
Bad bi**h, she a stripper, now she getting spinach
Now follow me, Balenciagas like they’re Nikes, ni**a
Fine bi**hes in the club, all wifeys, ni**a
Now follow me, back to back, we in the Wraith, dog
Parking lot, chicken wings, then we skating off
Still headbussing bi**hes, now I break you off
And if a ni**a step to me, I’ll break the law
Now follow me, front your boy and I’ma make you work
If I got the bi**h a purse, she had to make it twerk
Ni**a, riding through the city, I remain alert
Cause these ni**as full of envy and they tend to lurk

(Repeat Chorus)