Curren$y Featuring Juvenile – I Can’t Go Back Lyrics

(Intro – Curren$y)
Goddamn right
Man this good here
You think it’s happening right now?
You think it’s happening right now?
I’m wondering if we should even smoke this one
Cause I don’t think my dawg can handle it
I might just have to keep this mothaf**ka myself

(Verse 1 – Curren$y)
Slid through like bacon grease on my shoes
Coupe brand new
Old hoe sit chickenhead, bi**h caught the bird flu
Holiday wreath on my New Year’s Wraith
Ni**as can’t take, so they hate
My dogs say
One of them pu**y ass ni**as might reach one day
So he wait, in case he gotta blow one of them ni**as away
Damn, I’m just tryna stack my cake, man
Why don’t you do the same?
Talking down on the ones coming up, oh that’s so lame
You should be ashamed, I’m saying
Get up, get out, get it
Don’t be mad when you see me with it
Ask me how I did it, I’m a real ni**a, chop game with you
All about them digital digits
More cash than we could ever stash
Burn it all down like some OG hash, yeah

(Chorus – Curren$y)
Plotting on another one
Still counting up from the last heist
Rainy day for sure to come
When it do I bet I have my f***ing money right
Plotting on another one
Still counting up from the last heist
Rainy day for sure to come
When it do I bet I have my f**king money right

(Verse 2 – Juvenile)
I bet I get my money right, wrongdoing every night
Walking through that dark tunnel, it’s my time to see the light
And I don’t follow protocol, I don’t be acting like I might
Wipe tears from my girl’s eyes for the last time
Baby I’m about to blow up like a landmine
They was hiding the plug from me, now we got the same lines
Smoking binds from the hills of California
Nothing like that garbage ni**as sell on every corner that you buy from
When I finish stunting it’s your turn
It’s about how much you earn
That should be your number one concern, woadie
And there really ain’t no guidelines
You should be writing your own book
Like me cause I don’t rock with these youngsters
I got my own look
Opinions’ just like assholes…everybody got em
And I hate when ni**as make their problems everybody’s problems
Ni**a telling me like I’ma really care about his problems
All I care about is how big is my share for tomorrow

(Repeat Chorus)


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