Smoke DZA ft. A$AP Rocky – Nine Lyrics

(Intro – Smoke DZA)
In life, god made two types of ni**as
He made stand up guys and stick up kids
Yeah, yeah, that’s right
He made trill ni**as and he made f**k ni**as
Oh yeah, at the end of the day it’s really up to you to decide what type of ni**a you want to be
Want to be a man or a mouse

(Verse 1 – Smoke DZA)
Stay alive, get money, really them my goals
Real ni**a, streets took ten I know
Good ni**as, heart turned semi-cold
Kill or be killed ni**a, friend or foe
Police clapping ni**as everywhere I go
Stay alert at all times, even when I toast
Smoking on a bomb or something like
Kush God burn a whole seven then I roll
Might go shopping when I’m in my rogue
Don’t be alarmed, I’m just in my mode and all that
I’m stoned, I’m off wax
I’m blowed, it’s all facts
They holding nutsacks, I told em fall back
Like all the way the f**k back
This that fully in the glove rap
Hoody while a thug rap
Your opinion, you can tuck that
Cause I do it for the stoners and they love that
Mobster tales
Anger, steaks, and lobster tails
Lead me, f**k a freebie, you a preemie, you are not for real
I’m cozy, sipping Rosé, I ain’t even got the time
Fore you try me, change your mind
Cause I’m rolling with that nine

(Chorus – A$AP Rocky 2X)
I said I’m rolling round with my nine
Rolling round with my nine
Keep my mind up on my money
Keep that money on my mind
I said I’m rolling round with my nine
Rolling round with my nine
Cause these stick up kids is lurking
Cause they out here tryna shine

(Verse 2 – Smoke DZA)
Accurate, give a ni**a the beats like Madlib
Let my little homies catch rap
Have the block sounding like Schoolboy’s adlibs
You know the cue
Fronting and you broke, you oh for two
Bow down ni**a, what you posed to do
Round hustlers ni**as don’t notice you
I’m a D-boy, you a decoy
Detach and destroy
You D-League, I’m D-Will
Dead body, I keep chill
I do this off memory, fly you could never be
Make a movie in these unreleased joints like Spike
No Nike, I activity
Eating chicken francese in Italy
Not Eat-aly, Italy
Stay on my J-O
Been around the world like Carmen San Diego
Came from nothing, how could I fail yo?
I’m blessed my ni**a, I say that all the time
For you try it, change your mind
Cause I’m rolling round with my nine

(Repeat Chorus 2X)