Gucci Mane ft. Drake – Back on Road Lyrics

(Intro – Gucci Mane)
Zone six!

(Chorus – Drake)
I got money that I saved then I’m back on road
Get my jewelry out the safe cause I’m back on road
I still do these hoes the same when I’m back on road
If you wasn’t there for me when I was all alone
Then bi**h don’t expect no love when I’m back

(Verse 1 – Gucci Mane)
I’m just an East Atlanta ni**a with a body on this belt
I done had a million beefs but I ain’t never call for help
I’ll take a ni**a bricks and I done took a ni**a reup
Put that pistol on your partner made him piss all on himself
Got your bi**h so pi**y drunk
That she done threw up on herself
Fore I send her back to you
She gon have Guwop on her breath
I’m the last real ni**a left
I’m on an island by myself
I’m my only competition so I’m battling with myself
Facing prison, drug addiction
It’s like I’m battling with myself
I done shook up all my demons
Now I’m back to myself
You didn’t keep it real ni**a so just keep it to yourself
Waiting on Gucci Mane to call you
Ni**a better not hold your breath

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Gucci Mane)
These ni**as faking like they happy but they mad I’m home
I’m the 2K16 Al Capone
I slap a ni**a with a strap and then I throw him a hammer
He be like f**k going to trial, man just throw me the money
Can’t eat, can’t sleep, man I miss these skreets
Muhammad Ali and these skreets miss me
I went from trapping on the block to ni**as trapping for me
I left the trapping went to rap thought you’d be happy for me
And then your jealousy turned to hate
And you wrote a statement on me
But when they let me out the gates
My b*tch was waiting on me
See I ain’t mad at you homie, we ain’t got no beef
But I ain’t got no rat for you, I know you must love cheese

(Repeat Chorus)