I-Octane – Burna Lyrics

(Verse 1)
When the gas stove light
Burner, burner that
Supn a go stitch, search you, search you that
Wall a go paint, burger, burger that
From you diss the patton
Learner, learner allot
Bwoy could a fly like when bird a flop
Queng that out a sky, watch bird a drop
Mi nuh rate a bwoy weh swing
We curve allot
Dem could a have turf a lock
Badman style
Chicken get corn

Wi nuh low pon grains
Give dem house and grains
Form house and grains
Step out bold and brave
Caw mi bold and brave
Mi nuh use mouth and chase

Bwoy come a hype and spread out pon face
Mussi never hear bout badman place
Wi nuh hang out pon bass
May-Pen, wi nuh go out and gaze

(Verse 2)
When mi talk bout smoke a nuh nicotine cigarette
Brand new clarks, it a rep
Brand new name, Mr, Death
It a flick you 3 points, stick a bet
Dem a baby bad man, Mr. Bed
If you diss mi neck pop, piece a thread
Dem a kisket and kat
Mr. Led
Suh wi send the browning fi kiss you forehead

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)