Rocko ft. Rich Homie Quan – I Swear Lyrics

(Chorus – Rich Homie Quan)
My pockets swollen and I’m gone off this Oxycodone
I don’t even know what those do I swear
Im never folding, no bankroll I keep it on me
These ni**as know I ain’t playing I swear
Walked off in Louis dropped like 50k just in bags that work got me up
Shoot up your spot faster than a cheetah
Playing with that money I don’t wanna meet her but I did

(Verse 1 – Rocko)
Came from the trenches, you can’t blame me
Bi**h I’m a wolf can’t tame it
Like on the jungle eat what you kill quench your hunger
Camouflage on the back route
I really live what I rap bout, I bought a jaguar to trap out
Got mega stripes like a tiger leopard skin balenciaga
Christian Loubs don’t do pumas, early 20’s no cougar, thats my lil pet my lil cat
You know d*ck all that I feed her kick her out don’t need her
These hoes be lying they cheetah
These ni**as pu**y no kitty, I’m going gritty no pity
Say you want me come get me, Bi**h I be all through the city
Champion with my reign, just want the fortune f**k fame
Always stand on my name, going out the same way I came

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rich Homie)
Biting on my fingers I’m itching, want that paper no icing
Don’t got my cake up these ni**as faker than make up
I f**k her just like I’m crazy no condoms she want my baby
Her head make me say my gracious, I swear that sh*t so amazing
I f**k her all in her face in her throat I make her take it
I love every way she go around me she ain’t gotta fake it
Cause she know I got her back she know rich homie gone be there
Got ni**as who rob ya over here, know ni**as who’ll dummy over there
If I change up, tell me would I ever be normal
Stay down til I came up I was underground like Osama
East atlanta blang god cause I’m the one who had commas?
Aye, a million dollars at 22

(Repeat Chorus)