DJ Scream – Lit ft. Young Dolph, Juicy J & 21 Savage Lyrics

DJ Mutha F**kin Scream
I’ll bust ya wig in this bi**h
100 round drum on a stick
I f**ks with ya ni**a

Lit, lit, lit, lit
Lit, lit, lit, lit
Lit like a wick
Lit like a stick
I’m lit in this bi**h
I’m lit in this bi**h
I’m lit like a wick
I’m lit like a stick
I’m lit in this bi**h
I’m lit in this bi**h

(Verse 1 – 21 Savage)
I’m lit in this bi**h
I bust a nut on ya bi**h
Lit, lit
Cameras stay lit
Diamonds they lit
Bic, lit
Ya bi**h wanna lick
The way that I drip
Drip, drip
Shawty dripping Aquafina, dripping
Slaughter Gang, we don’t leave a witness
Abusing drugs ni**a like Im Whitney
Lit, lit, lit

(Repeat Chorus)

(Juicy J – Verse 2)
I’m lit in this bi**h
I’m lit like my wrist
I’m lit like my necklace
I got the stick for the hecklers
I’m lit in this hoe
I pick and I roll
I do what I want
How could I stop when I’m on the go
Heard you be getting that s**t off the boat
Heard you be having that s**t for the low
Well ni**a we gon need a load
Well ni**a we gon need some mo
We breakin bread like its toast
Step out the bottom no toes
Bet that bi**h gon do the most
Just to hop in the Lam or the Ghost
When you popping you popping
No wonder you shopping you hop out and cop it and go
But you got to know that every dollar that you spend should make ya some mo
These bi**hes ain’t loving you
They loving yo dough, they take it and go
These bi**hes ain’t nothing but scavengers
So I feed these hoes to my savages

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Young Dolph)
Pulled up at the club
That muthaf**ka lit
That rich ni**a s**t
I just hit a lick
He like talking s**t
But I f**ked his bi**h
I keep buying all these muthaf**king cars I ain’t got no sense
I tell a f**k ni**a f**k you ni**a and the pu**y ni**a next to ya
Dolph walk up in that muthaf**ka and you see all these bi**hes looking
I got this bi**h lit, I got this bi**h lit, I got that bi**h lit
Roll me some weed f**k with some bi**hes
Tomorrow same s**t different city

(Repeat Chorus)