Jahmiel – Power Lyrics

A nough time dem doubt mi
Mi never follow dem
Born a leader mi never follow trend
Now look who a stock the dollar dem

(Verse 1)
Work mi work hard yeah fi live better
Set some example as a big brother
Living the fast life Subaru impressor
Seh dem a shell place wa happen to da big edge yah
Was on the flat now am on the hill brother
Nuh sleep wid fan mommy love the chill weather

Who think mi would a give up
Yeah mi still deh yah
Yah man everything up
Mommy bills lesser

Success comes with power
Suh everything dem a talk mi a hear
Suh when you up in a wi face and a smile up
Mi done hear weh you seh but mi nuh care
Dem waan mi lose my focus
I’ve been through so much

But a talk dem a talk and cyaa touch
Walk dem a walk man park up

(Verse 2)
Dem nuh waan you reach no where
Just reach somewhere
Yow a long time man a suffer
And dem see it and never yet
Never robbed no purse, nuh burst no hand bag
Been through the worst but up mi standard
You must be damn mad
Suh mi take weh mi self from brokeness and glad

(Repeat Chorus)

True mi a family man
And mi well waan the struggles a mi daddy fi gone
Suh mi sing some songs weh haffi live on
Big up everybody weh happy fi Jahm

(Repeat Chorus)