Michael Christmas – Cell Phone Lyrics

Elco, Elco, yeah I want an Elco
The last thing I need in this world is a cell phone

(Verse 1)
Get paid travel with your friends is what I tell folks
On a Chevy Chase road trip with the big bro
Pull up talking rude, eh
On my Dwight Schrute, eh
If I show my d**k, eh
Get a million views, eh
Bi**hes on their phones talking to their side ni**a
Come and find my homie can I get a ride, ni**a?
I don’t need no phone to tell me that I’m having fun, s**t
Like before the Nextel you could whisper to a bi**h
But them DM’s is popping
I’m getting curved on the daily
And all these bi**hes is talking
They pop off like a 380
My life gon do a 360 and then my 6 get kicked
I’m finna get me a whip
I’m finna get me a bi**h
We take a ride out to Cali, hope the whip don’t get stuck
I find a shop for the whip and look for the taco truck

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Pull up to the function and we get kicked out
I’ma park the Eclo in security’s mouth
I’ma drive my whip through security’s house, f**k yo couch, ni**a!
I’ma drive my d**k through security’s spouse
Me and OG bout to play chicken on the whips
I ain’t scared to die if I’m doing ill sh*t
Just make sure my after death don’t flop
Play me in the club like that brand new Pac
And don’t ask none of my family for favors
Run up in your spot like CJ from San Andreas
No cell phones at the funeral is healthy
Ex hoes with my dead body taking selfies
In the Elco, Elco
All my ni**as sell dope, or sell clothes
In another country don’t use phones
Girls can’t trip on some new hoes
Yeah I want a

(Repeat Chorus)